Opening Hours:

The skatepark is open seven days a week, including bank holidays.

The original restrictions placed on us by South Kesteven Districy Council around the opening hours on Sundays and bank holidays have now been lifted so the times are the same every day of the week (hurray - a victory for common sense!!!)


Link to Met Office weather forecast for Stamford here


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There is a Pay & Display car park just a few yards away from the skatepark on North Street.

Stamford train station is less than a mile away on Gresley Drive

Stamford bus station is half a mile away on St Peter's Hill



Up until May 2008 Stamford used to have some very nice wooden ramps down on the Rec', but these were so well used that they became worn out.

Unfortunately the very small group of volunteers that used to look after the ramps didn't have the money to continue maintaining them so the District Council had little choice but to knock them down (due to the safety concerns over the detiorated condition of the ramps). Even more unfortunately though, the council didn't replace them...

So a bunch of us figured that we could either sit there and revert to the old stereotypical view that '"this Grantham-based council doesn't care about little old Stamford" OR we could get off our collective backsides and do something about getting a new skatepark built.

Now, we soon found out that these things don't happen overnight. Far from it in fact. Pretty much immediately we came across a whole bunch of hurdles in our way but we're not going to bore you with the details here because all that matters is WE GOT THERE IN THE END and the skate community of Stamford now has an awesome concrete skatepark to call its own!

Website updated 28th Novemeber 2015

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Facebook: Stamford Skatepark (SSP)

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