The Skatepark Finally Opened On 21st December 2013!!!

After over five and a half years' hard work fundraising and campaigning for this skatepark, it is now officially OPEN!!!

The hurdles along the way have been many and varied and we could not have got to this point without the continued support of the whole of the community: residents, local businesses, local fundraising groups, grant awarding bodies, the local press, the Town Council etc etc.

So, thank you all.

Update of 14th July 2014:

South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) are insisting we fork out £1,800 on acoustic surveys of the skatepark because when we applied for planning permission 3 people thought they could stop us building the skatepark on the technicaility of it being a noise nuisance. Ultimately they failed to stop us but SKDC are still insiting we carry out at least 2 surveys and they have the right to force us to do more.

This is madness. As anyone who has ever been to or near the skatepark when it's busy will testify - it is very, very quiet indeed. The £40,000 acoustic fence that they made us install takes care of the little noise that is produced by skaters and BMXers.

This letter in last week's Stamford Mercury sent by a local resident sums it up pretty well

Opening Hours:

Mondays to Saturdays: 09:00 to 21:00

Sundays and Bank Holidays: 10:00 to 17:00


Link to Met Office weather forecast for Stamford here


Click here to see the location of the skatepark on Google Maps

There is a Pay & Display car park just a few yards away from the skatepark on North Street.

Stamford train station is less than a mile away on Gresley Drive

Stamford bus station is half a mile away on St Peter's Hill



Up until five and a bit years ago Stamford used to have some very nice wooden ramps down on the Rec', but these were so well used that they became worn out.

Unfortunately the very small group of volunteers that used to look after the ramps didn't have the money to continue maintaining them so the District Council had little choice but to knock them down (due to the safety concerns over the detiorated condition of the ramps). Even more unfortunately though, the council didn't replace them...

So a bunch of us figured that we could either sit there and revert to the old stereotypical view that '"this Grantham-based council doesn't care about little old Stamford" OR we could get off our collective backsides and do something about getting a new skatepark built.

Now, we soon found out that these things don't happen overnight. Far from it in fact. Pretty much immediately we came across a whole bunch of hurdles in our way but we're not going to bore you with the details here because all that matters is WE GOT THERE IN THE END!

Website updated 11th August 2014

Contact Details:

Facebook: Stamford Skatepark (SSP)

Stamford Town Council



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